Farm Fridays: Cropthorne Farm

Posted on 27 July 2013 | 6 comments | share this

Summer is in full swing. Such a bountiful time of year. It seems nearly everything is in season and at its peak. I love it!

I have been working at the farmer’s market on Wednesdays with Cropthorne Farm for the last few summers slinging organic vegetables. This year I am also working out on the farm on Fridays keeping an eye on their new farm stand and helping with the many post harvest jobs. I love spending time there. It is a most beautiful, peaceful corner of the world. The sounds of eagles, wind in the trees and the littlest farm girls playing in the barn. The farm neighbours always wave as they drive by.

I went out a bit early this Friday to capture some of the beauty of the farm and wanted to share some of the images here.

After each work day I feel happy and tired. I have an ever growing appreciation and deeper sense of gratitude for all the work and care that goes into producing real, good, honest food. I hope there will be more installments of photos as the summer progresses.

Fridays are a busy, busy day on the farm but I will have to capture a few snaps of the farming family next time.


  • Valerie Yule -

    Absolutely wonderful photos! Lovely comments as well!

  • Thanks Valerie!

  • Beautiful! You help put all the work in perspective at the end of the day. Thank you!

  • Lucky you – I especially love the chickens with the chamomile and those calendula – wow – gorgeous photos.

  • I love the flowers in the basket photo best.

  • Thank you ladies!

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