Urban Digs Farm

Posted on 19 March 2014 | 2 comments | share this

I had the pleasure of visiting Julia and Ludo at Urban Digs Farm earlier this week. I have been following Julia on Twitter for some time. She posts great photos of the farm and especially all the animals. All in a days work being a farmer these days.

My heart melted when she recently posted photos of her new little heritage piglets. Julia was very kind to take time out of her busy day to show me the babies and the other loves in her life.

Julia and her partner Ludo grow vegetables, raise pigs and ducks for meat and chickens for eggs, providing families and restaurants in Vancouver with a sustainable and ethical source of food. Her love for the animals was certainly evident as we toured around the farm. Calling the pigs by name, they all came up for a good scratch and visit. It was heartwarming to see the level of care they show for all their animals, right down to the food they feed them and room they give them to roam and wallow in the mud. The way it should be.

I wanted to share a few photos from my visit as the pigs are just too cute. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing and for the visit Julia!


  • When will the average “Costco”consumer of “cheap” meat wake up to the fact that they are personally responsible for the deplorable conditions their food is raised in and that by eating less meat they could be supporting farms like this at no increased cost to them. Great job!

  • Agreed! Hopefully with increased awareness more people will come to see and understand this too. Supporting local and ethical producers and growers is the only way forward!

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