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Okay, so you can’t actually eat the magazine but you might want to since the pictures are so yummy!  I get excited every month or two when the next Edible Vancouver appears for free at my local grocery store.  It is by far the best deal going.  The Edible magazines are seasonal publications and each magazine has a fun and interesting eye catching cover with plenty of treasures inside.

Edible Vancouver is part of a larger network of local food publications called Edible Communities.  These magazines offer great information, stories, and recipes from local food scenes and farms in North America.  They have a great list of resources and provide plenty of inspiration for the hungry locavore.  If you have been missing out on picking up the magazine, The Edible Vancouver webpage has all the back issues and lots of great resources and recipes- be sure to take a visit.

Check for one in your community.


  • Thanks, Bounty Hunter.
    Given how fast they disappear off the racks, we had started to think people were actually eating them 🙂

  • That is a great sign, congrats on such a great publication!

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