The Dahlia Patch with River and Sea Flowers

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During the quiet moments of these dull and rainy days of fall, I find my mind wandering back to this photo shoot I did at the very end of summer with my friend and talented flower farmer Rachel of River and Sea Flowers.

I had a vision the previous summer when I was out at Cropthorne Farm of doing a shoot with Rachel in her growing flower patch. At the time, she was mainly growing vegetables with her sister Lydia and trying out the flower thing on the side. This flower patch has now blossomed into a small farm and has become her full time business.

This vision of mine included ‘magic hour’ light, saturated colours characteristic of late summer, dreamy back lit flowers and maybe even her sweet girls frolicking through the dahlias wearing flower crowns. Fast forward to a year later. We finally set a date and I was excited about the shoot. The reality upon arriving at the farm was dark skies, no sunshine to be seen and the rain started within a few minutes of having my camera out. We did some shots in the greenhouse and found a few drier spots under the trees which were beautiful and moody but in my heart I still wanted to capture those images that had been floating around in my head for over a year.



Rachel’s Dad wandered by during the shoot, looked at the skies and predicted that the rain would stop and the sun would come out in the time it would take to have a beer. While we didn’t stop to have a beer, he was right. Just as we were ready to pack it in for the day, the rain stopped and the sun broke through. We went back out to the rain and now sun soaked dahlia patch and captured these images I am sharing today. Just a reminder that there are beautiful moments every day if we are open to seeing them and that flower dreams really do come true.

If you are on the look out for stunning organic flowers, be sure to get in touch with Rachel. Can’t wait to see what kind of beauty she creates next season. I already have visions of a spring shoot in the poppy patch and maybe some flower crowns too.





  • love these! can’t wait to see what the spring flower shoot looks like. 🙂

  • Thanks so much Joey! I am excited for spring already!

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