Food and Photography in Whistler: From Farm to Table

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What an incredible 4 days. Rewind to February of this year when I found out that Aran Goyoaga who writes and photographs the stunning blog Cannelle et Vanille was coming to Whistler to teach a food styling and photography workshop. I have admired her blog and found inspiration in her ability to tell story through food and photographs for some time. So my heart literally skipped a beat to know she would be coming to teach in my backyard on a topic I couldn’t be more passionate about. I knew this was something I had to be a part of.

August rolled around and it was finally time to head off on this adventure and an adventure it certainly was. We cooked, we photographed, we visited a farm, we had a mountain top picnic, we photographed some more, we ate, we went to the farmers’ market, we had a lakeside picnic, we laughed, we shared food around the table, we learned, we made new friends, and we soaked up these last few precious days of summer.

There are many, many photos from the weekend so I thought I would share a bit of the farm to table story that unfolded during this trip. On Saturday we visited the stunning North Arm Farm, a 60 acre organic farm nestled at the base of Mt. Currie in Pemberton, B.C where we had hours to explore and photograph the farm. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Running here and there trying to capture the beauty of the farm. The setting was breathtaking and the opportunities for photographs were endless.

There were beautiful smiling faces.

There were cute animals running about.

There was beautiful food at every turn.

Much to my delight, we also visited the Sunday farmers’ market in Whistler. We wandered the market, took photos and bought raw materials which we photographed and transformed into delicious meals.

There is nothing I love more than cooking and sharing food with others. I connected immediately with Aran’s way of cooking. She creates simple yet beautiful food using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. She has such a sense of ease and grace in the kitchen and an eye for making everything she touches look incredibly beautiful. Making the photographing process simple.

Over the course of the weekend we made tomato and goat cheese tartlets, almond financiers with red currants, yogurt panna cotta, a vanilla bean mascarpone cream with roasted plums, zucchini and mint gazpacho with radish salsa, raw beet and goat cheese ravioli and a berry and plum galette. Wow! Every food lovers dream.

I suppose this brings me to the end of this chapter of the story. There may be another post or two about a mountain top picnic and a lakeside lunch perhaps? I am not quite ready to say goodbye to this adventure.

After this weekend I am excited, full of new ideas and inspiration but I am having a hard time effectively summing up my experience. I can say for sure that the time in Whistler exceeded my expectations and dreams of what it could be. Food, photography, sun, mountains, adventure, fresh air, connection, and friendship.

A huge thank you to Aran, Nadia, and Angela for making this all possible, for sharing your passion and for your generosity of spirit. And to Jodi, Megan, Leslie, Julie, Anna, Megan, Mardi, Marnie, Laura, Jessica, and Eva, you have all enriched and inspired my life. This is most certainly an experience I will never forget and I hope we share food around the table again soon.


  • absolutely stunning melissa, i mean this post is so lovely. i love what you captured. i am in awe of your style. beautiful!!!

  • Thank you Nadia. That means the world to me. What a wonderful adventure.

  • so, so beautiful melissa! i loved re-living the weekend through your photos. such a lovely post.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this post Melissa. You were soaking it all up and I very much appreciated your willingness to try anything and listen. What a wonderful 4 days we had! xo

  • Thank you Aran and Megan. So fun and challenging putting together a post such as this.

  • i got so excited looking through your pictures at first, but just finished reading 🙂 thank you for your kind words, the feeling is mutual!

  • Yes, more posts please!!! I’m so glad you had a chance to do this Mel. It sounds like a wonderful experience, one that I’m disappointed to have missed out on. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.

  • You would have loved it Amy. I am sure an opportunity will arise for you to do something equally inspiring! I have a feeling there will be at least one more post.

  • Such a fantastic post Melissa! Your farm images, the farmer’s market…everything beautiful. What great imagery you’ve captured for such a fun Ace Camp!

  • Thanks Angela. So great to meet you and thanks for providing such a perfect opportunity to capture such beauty in your home town.

  • Michelle Fattore -

    Wonderful Melissa! You express your inner beauty so well through a lens:)

  • Thank you Michelle. That is very kind of you to say. I hope we can do some more cooking and photographing together when you return.

  • I am JUST going through some of my pictures now – literally have not had a moment to think since I got on that bus on Sunday night – and your post is so inspiring. It was lovely to meet you and I certainly hope our paths cross again sooner rather than later. GORGEOUS pictures!

  • Thanks Mardi. Glad you made it back safely. Can’t wait to see your post!

  • wow – awestruck by this fabulous post with your amazing photos – so nice to share time at Whistler on the periphery and hear all about the inspiring workshop…

  • Very inspiring! Your photos are all so beautiful and the food looks delicious…

  • Having a great night here going through these wondeful shots and getting ideas….Gonna have to “up my game”…Lovely stuff.

  • Such a gorgeous post!!! I find myself thinking about our experience over and over and have similar feelings as you. So inspiring.

  • Thanks Leslie. Yes, still feeling the strong inspiration after that weekend. Hope to see you in Victoria some time soon.

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