Food and Photography in Whistler: A Mountain Top Picnic

Posted on 4 September 2012 | 6 comments | share this

I love a summer picnic. What is not to love about warm sun and good food enjoyed in a beautiful setting. Add in photography and you have part 3 of my adventures in food and photography with Aran Goyoaga and Ace Camps in Whistler.

We were blessed by mother nature during our time in Whistler and this day was no exception. It certainly wouldn’t have been the same experience had we been bundled up in rain gear hauling food, props and photo equipment up to the top of Whistler Mountain for a picnic but on a sunny day like this we felt like we could take on anything. Even those who were a little less than excited about traveling to an altitude of 2000 meters felt brave.

Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos of the picnic as I would have liked but I thought I would share the ones I did manage to capture. Perhaps I was distracted by the stunning views and the fresh mountain air?

Aran setting up a little alpine picnic scene for us to photograph. Goat cheese and roasted tomato tarts, almond financiers, and yogurt panna cotta with raspberry coulis. This is my kind of picnicking.

Another beautiful lunch prepared by Nadia and Angela. Cheese, bread, prosciutto, fresh figs, and heirloom tomato salad were among the offerings and 3 different types of chocolate of course.

While I may not have captured a lot of images on this part of our adventure, I loved being up in the mountains. It is such a magical and serene place. It takes me back to trips to the Rocky Mountains as a child with my family where we shared delicious picnics and chocolate in alpine meadows and dipped our toes into icy mountain streams.

Now I have more mountain memories to enjoy.

Happy cooking and happy travels to all those I met during this most fabulous journey.

Shall we say same time, same place next year?


  • Wow, that looks divine, I love seasonal picnics. These are beautiful photos.

  • Thanks Natalie. Picnics are the best! Need to get in a few more before summer is over.

  • My word….so many skilled snappers out there. Love the photos , Love the colours , you`re amazing girl.

  • You have captured the beauty of BC beautifully! It is a magical place here :). I am curious however, did the group make anything with the crab apples? I have a big tree full of them and need some inspiration xoxo Monica

  • Alan- thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and for your kind words.

    Monica- Yes BC is a special place. We didn’t make anything with the crab apples. I know my grandma used to pickle them and my mom loved them when she was young. Good luck!

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