Food and Photography in Whistler: A Lakeside Lunch

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Here is the second installment of my adventures in food and photography with Aran Goyoaga and Ace Camps in Whistler. On Sunday we wandered the farmers’ market in the morning, gathered the bounty of raw materials that would be our lakeside lunch and were off to Alta Lake House for an afternoon of more food and photography. Alta Lake House is often used for art workshops and it is easy to see why.

We enjoyed a short walk around the edge of the lake as the house is only accessible by foot. We passed quaint cabins, wooden picnic tables, rows of canoes lined up on the water, train tracks and long summer grass. The sun was shining. It was so peaceful and picturesque. I knew right away it was going to be a good afternoon.

Nadia and Angela prepared another delicious and beautiful (of course) lunch for us. It was like a little bit of magic each day, a stunning lunch would appear when we most needed nourishment. Thank you Nadia and Angela.

We had the tastiest sandwiches with vine ripened tomatoes and fresh basil and another with sun kissed apricots, brie and arugula on a perfectly crusty baguette. I will be using that combination again for sure. We also had a lovely salad with steamed green beans, fresh shelled peas, mint, almonds and some other things I am forgetting right now. I can still picture Angela sitting quietly on the floor shelling peas into a bowl while taking in all that was going on at the house.

Under Aran’s guidance we spent hours playing with light, styling and enjoying food by the lakeside. I continually found myself in awe of Aran’s ability to style and choose the perfect props. She has an amazing eye for detail. She happened to see this weathered piece of wood out on the deck and knew immediately this would be a great surface to use as a backdrop for photographs. Such a talent.

A trip to the lake wouldn’t be complete without some time on the dock with fresh cherries and watermelon. So that is just what we did. I didn’t have the chance to go in for a swim or a paddle around the lake though, perhaps next time.

By this final day of the workshop, connections were made, friendships were establishing and a sense of ease washed over the day. I could have stayed here for days doing exactly what we were doing. The light was beautiful, the company was perfect. There is something so appealing about the simplicity and ease of life on the lake. It is hard not to feel nostalgic for summers past spent with friends and loved ones, sharing food and life.


  • you blow me away. stunning, now lets go back!

  • I love the photo of Eva’s back. So classic and so Eva! We had such a great time, didn’t we? Thank you for sharing with us again Melissa. It’s such a beautiful post. Summer!

  • Thanks Nadia and Aran. A great time was certainly had. Here’s to squeezing every last bit of fun and enjoyment out of the final days of summer.

  • Baguette in hands
    Simple photos to stunning effect.

  • What lovely photos that you have shared. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing one of these workshops. What a gorgeous location and experience.

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