Sweet Summer Tomatoes

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It is high summer and it seems that nearly every fruit and vegetable imaginable is in season right now, well almost. Tomatoes are one of those fruits that are ripening and coming into their prime. I wanted to share a few photos of a small selection of the 100s of different varieties of tomatoes available at my local farmers market, each with its own unique look, flavour and texture in hopes of inspiring you to try a new variety or cook up a favourite recipe using tomatoes.

Summer vine ripened tomatoes need no work at all. Simply slice them up and savour the sunshine in every bite as you let the juices dribble down your chin. Perhaps you add a touch of salt, a sprig of basil, a little olive oil, a piece of crusty bread or nothing at all. One of my favourite ways to use the cherry tomatoes (other than popping them in my mouth) is this simple pasta recipe I posted last summer. It comes together quickly and really preserves the fresh full flavour of the tomatoes.

Most of these tomatoes are from from Klipper’s Organic Acres in Cawston, British Columbia. This year they are growing a whopping 268 different delicious varieties of tomatoes. Pretty phenomenal indeed.

I had the pleasure of visiting and touring Cropthorne Farm yesterday where I snapped a few photographs of their gorgeous tomatoes ripening on the farm. Nothing quite like a fresh sun gold cherry tomato picked straight from the vine by the farmer herself, still warm from the sun. That is the taste of summer

Be sure to indulge in all that is fresh and in season right now, including sweet and juicy tomatoes.

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