Photo Courtesy of Joey Armstrong


My name is Melissa and I am The Bounty Hunter. I am a L-O-V-E-R of food, a nutritionist, and a photographer. I grew up in the kitchen and garden, learning from my mom, dad, grandma, grandpas and anyone who shared a love of food. Most of my days are spent talking about food, picking it, buying it, cooking it, eating it, and most importantly sharing it around the table with my loving husband, family and friends.

My blog is about real, wholesome food and telling the story from seed to table. I am grateful to live in Vancouver, Canada surrounded by a bounty of amazing food grown close to where I live. This blog is about sharing this bounty and my inspiration with you.

I hope to inspire you to spend time in the kitchen, to cook, enjoy the beauty of the seasons, grow your own food, meet the people growing and making your food and invite others to share with you around the table.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy cooking.