A Rhubarb Meringue Cake for Mother’s Day

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When I think of Spring, I think of rhubarb. I think of pulling rhubarb in the backyard with my parents and of making something delicious to share.

Food evokes memories. It can remind us of places we have traveled and special moments with friends and family. Recipes link us to others and help to recall the past. They become part of our history and keep us close to those we love and have known. I love that. Some of my most precious memories are deeply linked to food. Baking with my mom, picking berries in the summer time, making a special meal for mother’s day with my dad and brother.

I wanted to share this recipe for rhubarb meringue cake for Mother’s Day. It is a special one in our family, a recipe that we have been making for over 50 years. It is a part of our family history. This cake reminds me of my mom and my mom of her mom. Baking was the first thing I remember learning and loving in the kitchen and to this day is where I find comfort.

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The Perfect Spring Egg Salad

Posted on 18 April 2014 | 2 comments | share this

Since we are well into Spring and Easter is now upon us I thought it was time to share some photos and a recipe from an egg shoot that I did with Issha Marie several weeks ago.

When I visited Urban Digs farm a month ago now, Julia sent me home with some of the most beautiful eggs from their chickens. All colours, shapes and sizes. Issha and I are both big egg lovers so we decided to dedicate the day to photographing and eating these amazing eggs!

Issha made us a lovely egg salad with eggs from Cropthorne Farm and we hard boiled the eggs from Julia and ate them with some lemon-thyme salt, bread and butter. The perfect snack when we realized we hadn’t eaten in many hours. Too much fun photographing and not enough time eating.

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A Weekend of Food and Photography In Seattle

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I recently spent the weekend in Seattle. As you might guess it was a weekend all about food and photography. It was a classic Spring weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Torrential downpours, beautiful sunshine and some cool wind thrown in for good measure. It felt very much like Vancouver in many ways but distinctly Seattle in others.

The reason for the trip was to assist at a food photography and styling workshop with food stylist and photographer Aran of Cannelle et Vanille and prop stylist Chelsea of Frolic in Aran’s studio in Seattle. I had seen many photos of Aran’s studio on her blog and Instagram but it was so fun to spend time in the studio. It is simple and simply beautiful. Props artfully arranged in the kitchen, pretty photos on the walls and of course lovely, lovely light.

It is always a pleasure to be in Aran’s presence and see her work with ease and grace. She creates such beauty with food. There is always more to learn from her. It was also fun to meet Chelsea and learn about prop styling and her creative process.

I was happily busy in the kitchen in the morning with Ally getting food ready for lunch and and the styling portion of the workshop and had time to snap a few photos in the afternoon. These first ones are from a pretty Spring scene that Aran and Chelsea styled.

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